The Nichiren Buddhism【ミステリーな日蓮 英訳版】11.The two transportations change Nichiren

11.The two transportations change Nichiren


Hiroto Ema

The Chanting Daimoku which Nichiren popularized pushed back the tide of the Chanting Nenbutsu. The monks of Nenbutsu were disturbed by the bitter blames such as “Nenbutsu eternal hell” and the fact that the prophecies which Nichiren told in “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the peace of the Land” were fulfilled by the invasion of Mongolian. Also, political tensions began to arise in the shogunate. Then in October 1271, Nichiren was transported to Sado Island. The reason of it was in part the conspiracy by Nenbutsu monks, as has been often explained, but there is another reason that Nichiren got involved with the struggle within the shogunate. We will discuss it in later section.


For Nichiren had been transported to Itoh in 1261, a year after he presented   “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the peace of the Land” to the shogunate, he was transported twice in just 10 years. But those two transportations had a significant meaning for Nichiren, a true believer of the Lotus Sutra, because those were the proof that the prophecies of the Lotus Sutra were fulfilled by Nichiren himself. I would like to explain it a bit more.


In the Lotus Sutra, it was prophesied that those who try to popularize the Lotus Sutra in an era of evil after Shakyamuni passed away must encounter the three powerful enemies and be persecuted by them, namely, those who aren’t familiar with the doctrine of Buddhism, the monks, and the high priests who by agitating the rulers will make him arrested and transported more than twice. Yet before Nichiren, no one had experienced transportation more than twice. So he said that he was only person in the history who experienced the prophecy personally. It was a declaration that Nichiren was the true follower of the Lotus Sutra who had practiced it to the letter.


Reading the Lotus Sutra through the consciousness of Nichiren, its sentences prophesied the appearance of Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra was preserved for him. And from the standpoint of Chigi(Tendai Daishi 538-597), which claims the Lotus Sutra is the most eminent in all sutras by Shakyamuni and other sutras were written in order to prepare and supplement the Lotus Sutra, it can be said “all the sacred doctrine of Shakyamuni are the diary of Nichiren only”. Nichiren, from this consciousness, described himself as “Nichiren, the votary of the Lotus Sutra who is more precious than Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings” and prepared to be the new creator of Lotus Sutra, or a new Buddha, in an era when the doctrine of Shakyamuni has been lost.


For Nichiren, the transportation to Sado Island was an epoch-making event never experienced before.

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